Thursday, July 30, 2009

Hey you, today was a good day. The hubster and I headed up to Madison Wisconsinfor a lazy drive and some simple fun. Little did we know that the sky was about to part and drench the world below in a rainstorm of galactic proportions. Well maybe I exaggerate a tad but it was enough for us to get off the highway and take refuge in a warm and glowing Dennys! We decided to turn around and come home and head back to Madison on Saturday..... Saturdays they hold their famous Farmers Market that promises to be a variable cornucopia of organic goodness and hippie tie dye heaven. Can barely wait.
I did make three stops on the way home that bares sharing:
Stop 1. Blockbuster for the documentary HOME narrated by Glenn Close that looks to be a beautiful eye opening arial look at our planet. Sound intriguing?

Stop 2. Goodwil. Picked up the most interesting book for $2.99 La France Gastronomique by Anne Willan. After a little online research appearantly this fine French cookbook is rare and quite famous! Oh the joy of a Goodwill find.

Stop 3. Grocery Store for dishwasher liquid -EARTH FRIENDLY PRODUCTS brand Organic Lavender Dishwasher Liquid!!!!!!!!!!! This is exciting friends because it is not only earth friendly but very inexpensive and it smells TERrific. It imparts the aroma of a French Lavender field in my very own kitchen, which will blend well with my new book ;) wee wee

Well off to watch HOME and cuddle up with Jack (the most adorable Rat Terrier this side of the Mississippi). Goodnight All! Back tomorrow with a re-cap of the movie and whatever else.

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  1. those do sound like some good finds, I have never heard of them!